Cooperative Outreach International, COI, INC, provides volunteer services and administers funds for medical, educational, and charitable purposes. COI, INC. seeks to serve faithfully as a global advocate for grace and hope. Our consultants are equipped to connect you to international partners working in strategic areas among a variety of cultures.  We encourage you to participate as a volunteer or intern in education, medicine, and social services.


  • Extend the love of Christ to the least loved in the world through relationships established through service and training.
  • Engage and empower national partners for multiplication of community based projects.
  • Emphasize sustainable development using resources available locally.
  • Encourage community development through adult and children’s education.

We take situations like the one below and turn them into smiling faces like the ones you see at left. We invite you to check out our work and make a donation.

In addition to our blog on this website, see more compelling photos of our work at our blogspot.

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