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In July 1991 a team of Christian medical and dental volunteers from India and the US travelled to a remote region of North India bringing much needed medical assistance.  This was the beginning of the Ladakh Medical Projects and eventually included more than 250 volunteers over a 10 year period.  Medical teams travelled in the mountains over rugged terrain by bus or by trekking to share with villagers who endure extremely harsh living conditions often isolated from the rest of the world for most of the year because of heavy snowfalls.  

In response to an expanding ministry among unreached peoples in the Himalayas which began in 1989, Cooperative Outreach of India was registered in New Delhi as a Christian charitable trust in 1993 under the direction of a national board of trustees.  Discipleship training, medical assistance, and refugee relief were among the earliest projects.

The fifteenth anniversary of the founding of Cooperative Outreach of India in 2008 was a celebration of a ministry that impacts many parts of India.     

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