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We are an all-volunteer organization, and every penny donated goes directly to the charitable cause, or to enable us to pay direct expenses for operations.

Your tax-deductable donation can be made securely on our site. Choose a specific charitable project from our web page, or make a non-specified donation. Rest assured that no administration fees are deducted from donations designated for a specific project.

Checks may be sent to COI INC, PO Box 1019, Boiling Springs, NC, 28017

For $3 per day you can support a mother and two children in a women's shelter.

A donation of $6000 will provide funds for setting up a grinding mill in a village to generate enough income to support 10 widows or other women with inadequate income.  

A donation of $4000 will provide village housing for up to 10 widows.

$10 will cover the cost of school uniforms required for a child to attend government school.

$100 will assist in transporting children to informal summer education programs.

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